Calling the body of Christ to Pray2020.

Approximately 5 billion people in the world are not true followers of Christ. We are trusting God to raise up 10 million Christ-centered multiplying disciples and 5 million new church plants by end of 2020. 10 million disciples and 5 million new churches would mean that everyone would know at least one person who follows Jesus.

Please join us in prayer.

  Set a daily alarm for 8:20PM [20:20] to Pray2020

 Ask God to fulfill His Great Commission (multiplying disciples)

  Pray: “Lord, MOLD my heart…MULTIPLY my life…MOBILIZE others.”




MOLD our hearts to be one with God’s. Pray Romans 12:1-2: That as believers everywhere, we will live holy lives pleasing to God. May our hearts and minds be increasingly like His.

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MULTIPLY our lives into the lives of others. Pray 2 Timothy 2:2: that God will lead us to others we can show how to walk with God, that they in turn might share that same joy with others.

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MOBILIZE laborers through our prayer and ministry efforts. Pray Luke 10:2: Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest field—in our homes, in our places of work, neighborhoods and communities.

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