What is Pray2020?

We picture a day when there will be movements everywhere across the globe so that every person on the planet knows someone who follows Jesus. To that end, we are trusting God to raise up 10 million Christ-centered multiplying disciples by the end of the year 2020.


MOLD our hearts to be one with God’s. Pray Romans 12:1-2: That as believers everywhere, we will live holy lives pleasing to God. May our hearts and minds be increasingly like His.


MULTIPLY our lives into the lives of others. Pray 2 Timothy 2:2: that God will lead us to others we can show how to walk with God, that they in turn might share that same joy with others.


MOBILIZE laborers through our prayer and ministry efforts. Pray Luke 10:2: Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest field—in our homes, in our places of work, neighborhoods and communities.


  Set a daily alarm for 8:20PM [20:20] to Pray2020

  Ask God to fulfill His Great Commission (multiplying disciples)

   Pray: “Lord, MOLD my heart…MULTIPLY my life…MOBILIZE others.”

We will send you a monthly story of God’s work to mold, multiply, and mobilize His people, to encourage you as you pray.

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Start praying that the Lord would Mold your heart to become one with His, Multiply your life and enable you to Mobilize others to do the same.

Why not set your alarm clock or a reminder on your phone to remind you of this prayer at 20:20?