tea-745564_1280While on a prayer journey in India and Sri Lanka, 35 missionaries with Nazarene Missions International decided to show “JESUS” at a tea plantation.

The rolling hillsides were blanketed with tea plants and crisscrossed by meandering trails for harvesting. Near the center of the plantation was a village with a town square—right next to a temple. It was the only location available where they could show “JESUS.” The team hung the screen between a light pole and a bamboo rod, keeping watch on the threatening clouds above.

It was getting dark. White and orange lightning flashes illuminated the hillsides. Thunder rolled down into the square. They started the projector. A crowd gathered. The missionaries prayed, “Lord, hold back the rain so these people can see ‘JESUS.’”

More flashes of lighting…more thunder. As the film played, the speakers carried the Word of God to the homes around with an unusual authority. On the hillsides, people turned on their lights and stepped onto their porches to watch from a distance, listening—drawn by the sound of “JESUS” in their mother tongue.

About halfway into “JESUS” it began sprinkling, then raining, harder and harder. The team shielded the projector from the weather and prayed, “Oh, Lord, please stop the rain. These people have no umbrellas. They won’t stay to hear the gospel.”

But the rain continued. The people witnessed Jesus’ love and miracles and His power over nature. Then, when He was being nailed to the cross, the heavens broke loose. Rain poured down in sheets. Still the crowd remained! Soaked and deeply moved, many indicated decisions for Christ. It was only then that the missionaries came to understand what had just happened.

That particular area was in the midst of a drought. After three months without rain, the tea plants were turning brown and starting to die—and with them, the people’s livelihoods. The priests and followers of the local religion had been praying for rain for weeks, offering sacrifices, wailing aloud to their many gods. The drought continued.

Later, as they watched “JESUS,” the Holy Spirit witnessed powerfully to their spirits. Seeing the Lord suffer at the hands of the soldiers, as the nails were driven into His hands and feet, as His cross was raised, the people were transfixed. At that moment the deluge began—and it became clear to them: this Jesus is indeed the God of all, the Lord of nature. He alone had answered their prayers!

Source: JESUS film