Mobilized for Mission


Judith Neibling, an editor in Florida, USA, was surprised by God’s answer when she prayed one of the suggested prayer points of Pray2020 – for God to use her to mobilize others to be involved in the Great Commission. 

One day last September I attended a lunch hosted by Bekele Shanko, Cru Vice President for Global Church Movements, and Erick Schenkel, JESUS Film Director.

Bekele and Erick spoke about “the vision and progress of planting an additional 5 million churches around the world.” During the program, Phil Cohn, director of Christ for All Peoples, offered inexpensive JESUS film DVDs and encouraged widespread outreach, especially to immigrants.

I was sitting by Nela, a lady I had met at prayer meetings at Cru. After Phil spoke, I said to the people at our table, “We could mobilize our churches to do this.” Nela was struck by this idea and went over to talk with Phil after the lunch.

Within the week, Phil offered Nela a job in his organization. She is now Christ for All Peoples Evangelism Coordinator for Florida. In December, she invited a missionary to Orlando to speak at two meetings on outreach to Muslims, hosting one of the meetings at her church, one of the largest in Orlando.

Nela has been networking with many different Christian leaders and working with them to host evangelism training. They are preparing for a joint outreach to Central Florida, “40 Days of Love”, this fall.

My brief suggestion at the lunch table was part of what God used to give Nela, a woman with a heart for prayer and evangelism, a key role in all of this outreach. She told me, “It was your idea.” God amazed me with this answer to the Pray2020 prayer my husband and I pray nightly: “Lord, use us to mobilize others”!


Join the Pray2020 movement. Start praying that the Lord would Mold your heart to become one with His, Multiply your life and enable you to Mobilize others to do the same. Why not set your alarm clock or a reminder on your phone to remind you of this prayer at 20:20?