Abundant Fruit


As a new Campus Crusade for Christ staff member in 2014, Jasmine was assigned to build movements on a number of campuses in her area in Southeast Asia. God’s work through her in the last two years has resulted in seven generations in her discipleship chain. Her prayers for God to multiply her life, one of the prayer points of Pray2020, are being answered, spiritual generation after spiritual generation.

“At university, I attended a follow-up group only because my friend wanted me to go,” Jasmine says. “I come from a church-going family, but most of my relatives still believed in ancestor worship. When I was a little girl I was brought to the shaman.

“I came to know Christ personally when I joined a basic discipleship training class. Then I was mentored by one of the key students in Campus Crusade for Christ.”

Jasmine went through all the levels of training during her studies and helped to expand the ministry to other campuses. She says, “I saw how spiritual multiplication was taking place, and sharing the gospel became my way of life.”

Jasmine fasted and prayed to ask God’s direction for her life, and after receiving assurance of His calling to be a full-time staff member, went through New Staff Training (NST). In NST, she says, the most important thing she learned was to spend quality time with God. “I journaled what I learned from His Word, and I still do that every day. His Word sustains me in ministry.”

Prayer is a key part of Jasmine’s life and ministry, alone and with friends. Jasmine and her teammates involve their ministry donors in prayer for 2020 goals, have prayer and fasting times twice a month, prayer-walk their campuses the first week of every month, and hold prayer retreats twice a year.

Stella is one of Jasmine’s disciples. “Before Stella came to know Christ,” Jasmine recalls, “she drank alcohol and liked to spend time in the discotheque. She had many chances to hear the gospel through the Four Spiritual Laws booklet, but one day, she cried and surrendered her life to Christ. Since that time she left her old lifestyle and joined our prayer times.

“I spent time with her, helping her grow, taking her to share her faith and mentoring her to disciple others. A year after that she was able to disciple others until she had four generations of students. After her graduation one year ago, she decided to serve with our ministry for one year, and now she has six generations in her discipleship chain.”

Jasmine encourages fellow believers to fast and pray as they seek to help others follow Christ. She has seen God’s faithfulness to His Word. As she “abides in Christ,” her life is bearing “much fruit” (John 15:5).