Wells for Life in Tanzania


LIFE Ministry (as Cru is known in Tanzania) staff members prayed that their hearts would be molded to be like Jesus’ heart — one of the prayer points of Pray2020. God led them to work with the Global Aid Network, the humanitarian arm of Cru, providing their countrymen with life-giving water, and more.



In the early morning hours, having risked hyena attacks and rape in order to reach the river, young girls and women kneel at the river’s edge. They fill their buckets with dirty water for drinking, cooking, and bathing — water that will plague the people with parasite-borne illnesses. Near other villages in the area, children dig holes in the ground and wait for seeping water to fill them. They scoop water into buckets, then wait for more water to ooze into the holes. These are the scenes the Global Aid Network (GAiN) ministry team encountered during an assessment of the area.

LIFE Ministry staff members longed to plant churches in this area of less than 10 percent evangelical Christians, but needed a way to connect with the communities. They asked GAiN to partner with them to pave a way for church planting. The assessment made it clear that providing clean water sources was the answer. So GAiN drilled wells for the community.

The staff members used the opportunity opened by this act of kindness to invite members of the community to a church-planting seminar. Three churches were planted. Grateful for the wells, the community donated land for a new church building. LIFE Ministry Tanzania is now asking Faith Comes By Hearing and the Bible Society to participate in a joint project. GAiN plans to drill more wells for the people in this area to help them see that the staff members are there to show the gospel in word and deed.