Officers Accept the Challenge


Years ago, a seminary student in the Philippines sought to help a military academy cadet grow closer to God. God continues to multiply that investment of his life in the cadet’s life. Asking God to multiply our lives through the lives of others is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.


In the 1980s, an International Graduate School of Leadership (IGSL)* student in Baguio City, Philippines, helped Cadet Manny Salamat grow in his Christian faith at the Philippine Military Academy. Today, Major General Manny Salamat is the Commandant of the Philippine Marine Corps, the elite combat force at the forefront of the fighting between the government and Muslim extremist groups in Marawi, Philippines.

Manny is now a seasoned combat veteran who has remained steadfast in his faith despite the worldly military environment. God has placed him in a position to impact not only the ongoing counter-terrorism campaign but also the lives of many in his chain of command.

Recently, Manny invited IGSL professor (and former Colonel) Dr. Mike Morales to facilitate the annual leadership symposium of the Philippine Marine Corps. Over 60 Marine generals and colonels accepted the symposium challenge to lead the Marine Corps toward God-centered transformation.

Someone shared the gospel with Manny, a seminary student and others helped him grow, and Dr. Morales helped Manny in fulfilling the mission of transforming the lives of those under him.

*Now based in Quezon City, Philippines, IGSL was known as the International School of Theology-Asia in the 1980’s.