A Madman Changes Careers


“Mobilize others through me” is one of the prayer points of Pray2020. In Ethiopia, Seife trained Shambel, and Shambel trained Meskerem. When Meskerem followed Christ’s command to spread the good news about His love and forgiveness, miracles happened among an unreached people group.


The Arsi people are one of the most unreached people groups in Ethiopia, most claiming the dominant religion of that area. Seife, a staff member of Great Commission Ministry/Cru Ethiopia, began training about 30 leaders in Assassa–where the Arsi people live–for church planting. Shambel was one of the trainees Seife equipped during the training.

Shambel then trained Meskerem. Meskerem prayed about planting a new church in Edi village, about 30 minutes’ drive from her hometown. With no transportation to Edi, Meskerem traveled there on foot. In Edi, there was a mentally ill man called Abera, who lived in the jungle near the village. His wife left him, believing he would one day kill her and their children.

Meskerem saw Abera wandering in the village. She approached him with her translator, praying for his deliverance. Immediately the man was liberated from the evil spirit that had caused him to remain in the jungle for years.

Meskerem raised money to build Abera a house. Abera’s family members decided to follow Christ after seeing the remarkable change in his life. Then his neighbors also came to know the Lord, seeing and hearing his miraculous testimony. Now 40 new Christians worship the Lord regularly at Abera’s home.