From Involved Student to Volunteer Leader: Investing in Students


Paul taught Timothy to teach faithful men, who would teach others also. Mark challenged Rocky to do the same. Years later, the spiritual momentum is still building, as Rocky faithfully follows this biblical principle. Asking God to use us to mobilize others is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.


Rocky got involved with Cru during his sophomore year of high school. He had recently come to Christ through a local church but didn’t know much about growing as a Christian. As he grew through small groups and conferences, Cru staff member Mark Michal challenged him to be a greeter, then to lead a small group, and then to do an outreach with his cross country team. Each time, Rocky stepped up to the challenge and impacted the lives of many younger guys.

Over the years, many came to Christ. He later said, “I would have been fine just coasting spiritually, then Mark challenged me. I stepped up and realized I could do it!” Rocky graduated and went to college, but the young men in whom he invested continued building into others. They started leading small groups and continued the outreach to the cross country team; they challenged younger students to pass the torch to the next generation.

Rocky graduated from Purdue University recently and is now a teacher. Before anyone could challenge him to volunteer with Cru High School, he called Cru staff Mark Michal and asked if he could help lead in Cru. He now leads a group of sophomore young men, challenging them to consider the claims of Christ. Rocky continues to multiply his life into students.