Every Member, a Church Planter


Four young men with a vision have seen God do more than they could ask or think through their lives. Praying that God would mobilize others through us is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.

When Olin Galan came to know Jesus through the Four Spiritual Laws booklet at Bicol University, Philippines, he could not have predicted the dramatic way God would change the course of his life–and the lives of many others. He began winning and building other students in their new faith in Christ, and after graduating, joined the Global Church Movement (GCM) of Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ (as Cru is known in the Philippines). He began training his key disciples in church planting movements, beginning groups that grew into student churches.

One of Olin’s disciples, Paulo Esternon, shared the gospel with fellow student Mart Llobrera. After receiving Christ, Mart joined Paulo in sharing the gospel and discipling others. Mart recalls, “I used to be a naughty guy, but God has changed me, and others can also experience the same. God eventually entrusted me to lead one of the student churches in Bicol University. It’s my heart’s desire to see every church member, a church planter.” He also joined GCM as an intern missionary.

Another of Olin’s disciples, Jomari Espartinez, joined GCM as well. “While God was blessing me with multiplying disciples down the chain, I also started mobilizing some leaders of our church,” Jom explained. He is now leading a team of new GCM intern missionaries who were in his discipleship chain when they were students. They are discipling students while mobilizing and training a number of churches.

One of the leaders Jom discipled was “Chan” Armenta. Chan began to lead their community church when Jom joined GCM full-time. “By the grace of God,” Chan says, “our church is presently pioneering three campus churches.” Now Chan has joined GCM as an intern missionary himself.

In just four years, Olin, Mart, Jomari, and Chan, ages 21-26, have seen 300 people join their discipleship chain. They have formed eight churches and trained and mobilized 400 believers. Every year, they baptize around 40 new believers.

Olin believes that this multiplication is but a small picture of what is to come. “Nothing can stop God from fulfilling this vision from Habakkuk 2:14, ‘For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.’”