Sold Out


In Nigeria, Great Commission Movement staff members tracked results of their Destiny 2018 conference last April. They found that God was continuing to multiply the passion of Destiny participants as they shared their faith and vision with others. “Multiply our lives” is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.

“What do you want to be sold out to?” The theme question of Destiny 2018, an Easter conference in Abuja, Nigeria, seemed to touch the hearts of many of the 647 students and young professionals attending. They responded with faith and commitment.

  • 37 persons stated their calling to full-time ministry
  • 89 became Great Commission Movement associates – missionaries in the marketplace
  • 29 committed to short-term missions in other West African countries
  • 23 students signed up to open new campuses for ministry in Nigeria

Each participant was challenged to witness to 50 people and start discipleship with at least five people within six months. Training included the use of evangelism and discipleship tools on memory cards for mobile phones. Two months later, testimonies of  “sold-out” students showed the ongoing effects of Destiny 2018, and four months later, their ministries continued to grow.

“I’m Sold out to God’s Plan for My Life”

“During the conference, I developed an action plan towards reaching neighbouring campuses, to find key volunteers who will own the vision to reach their campus for Christ. I prayerfully made a list of campuses and people to reach. I have already reached out to one campus, Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA). Two passionate key volunteers were trained and are already sharing with others.

“I showed the volunteers some of the evangelistic videos given to us during the Destiny conference. I thank God for what He is already doing at FUTA as a result of the conference, and I believe He will do much more for other campuses. I’m indeed SOLD OUT to God’s plan.” — Oluwanifemi Alake, Food Science and Technology student, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Osun State

“I Planned to Take my Campus for Jesus”

“It was clear in my heart that God wanted me to attend the conference when I first heard about it. I planned to take my campus for Jesus. I am already mentoring three students who have begun sharing their faith with others.

“I have now devoted my life to please Him always no matter what I’m passing through. Now I am not ashamed to preach God’s Word to people, and I am experiencing changes in my life. I have also shared my faith with 20 students using the JESUS film, and one prayed and received Jesus Christ.” — Kayode Samuel, Architecture student, Federal University of Technology, Akure (FUTA), currently gaining field experience in Lagos

49 Signed up to Reach Their Campus

“Four students in a major university in northeast Nigeria traveled 14 hours to attend Destiny 2018. When we visited them a few weeks ago, I challenged them to invite other students who are also interested in reaching their campus to meet with us.

“We were expecting about 15 students, but by the following day they had mobilized 70 students. Of those, 49 signed up as key volunteers who will join hands to reach their campus for Christ and make disciples.”

— Ronald Longvwam, Great Commission Movement staff member