When Elijah 21 workers minister to refugees, they are often amazed at the ways God has supernaturally prepared hearts to receive the gift of His Son. Seeing their lives multiplied brings even greater joy, as the new believers begin witnessing to others. “Multiply our lives” is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.

Elijah 21 reaches out with Christ’s love to refugees in Europe. They offer aid, a warm meal, and an opportunity to view the JESUS film in the refugees’ heart language.

At one showing, a Moroccan refugee watched and believed. Speaking with fervor, he said, “Years ago, on a street in Italy, I found a VHS tape. It was this film, JESUS. I placed it in my tape player and began to watch. But I became uncomfortable. After 30 minutes, I took the tape out. But the film continued to play—even though I had removed the cassette! I got really scared. The only way I could get it to stop was to turn off the TV. I’ve never forgotten.

“But today, I have seen all the film, all of JESUS. I believe and have become a child of God. I want to learn everything I can about my new faith!”

The ministry worker who heard the man’s declaration wrote, “This outreach will resonate in our hearts forever! Refugees cried, clapped their hands, and cheered. Jesus broke the yoke [of slavery] for so many that night. An imam from Morocco also attending told us, ‘You are very nice people; you have love.’ This former leader of a mosque could not wait to read the New Testament in Arabic, cover to cover. He said, ‘This is God’s Word.’”