Kingdom workers with the Global Church Movements (GCM) ministries of Cru Ecuador are mobilizing others to help reach their nation with the gospel. Movements of spiritual multiplication are building. “Mobilize others” is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.

Close to 80 percent of Latin America’s population lives in cities. For this reason Cru Ecuador has chosen to emphasize movements of multiplying disciples in cities. Staff members seek to build these movements by integrating Global Church Movements’ training into every facet of the ministry. Although staff members have always done evangelism, Multiplying Churches and Communities training (MC²) has given them the concept of the “person of peace” (see Luke 10:1-20) who will help with multiplication.  

More and more pastors in Ecuador are finding that MC² can help them reach their cities, as GCM in Ecuador builds partnerships with churches and denominations. Partnerships and growing movements now exist in Quito, Guayaquil, Manta, and Cuenca.

In LeaderImpact, staff members using the training have been able to reach a greater number of young professionals than before. “We trained six leaders in MC², which gave us an opportunity to open the ministry in new places,” says Galo Zurita, leader of LeaderImpact along with his wife, Jenny.

Staff members working in the community use an MC² tool, the personal testimony or story of how a person came to faith in Christ, in their “Breakfast with a Purpose” strategy. Each breakfast has around eight tables with a facilitator. When the facilitator is trained in MC², he or she can share a testimony with the table, then follow up the table members after the breakfast. At a breakfast in Quito last spring, Christian Baez of the United Nations gave his testimony and led Darwin to faith in Christ. Darwin then led his mother to the Lord.  

Military Ministry staff members also apply the principles of GCM. Since military bases exist in every part of Ecuador, ministry leader Ramiro Cazar’s vision extends to the whole country.  

Jorge Elias Sanchez is director of GCM for Cru in Latin America and the Caribbean. Jorge explains, “Once the MC² process captures the imagination, leaders begin to think strategically and see how different pieces of GCM fit into their ministry. Trainees then eagerly start missional communities.” It’s happening, as the practical training of MC² helps the vision become reality in Ecuador.