Growing in Christ brings the desire to share the good news about new life with others. Training can be an important part of that. Kojo* found that his desire to help others and multiply his life spiritually grew through the training he joined. “Multiply our lives” is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.

The trainees entered their classroom for the week. Some felt confident, but many were hesitant, unsure of what this training would hold. 

“I was afraid of evangelism,” said Kojo, one of the trainees. “I was not excited about church planting at all.” 

By the end of the second day, Kojo wanted to go plant churches. 

But he couldn’t leave quite yet; there was still more to learn! In addition to Global Church Movements’ training, “Multiplying Churches and Communities,” the trainees received a variety of tools to help in the church-planting process. The group learned about the “person of peace” (Luke 10:5,6) whom they can look for in each place they visit. This person can help break spiritual ground in a village, building trust between the villagers and the ministry worker. 

After the training, Kojo went to a village and found his person of peace. The man helped him strategically meet and build relationships with people. After seeing the JESUS film, 27 people came to Christ. They started a small Bible study group, meeting twice a week in a school park until God provided a room for them at a local school. Now, the group is discussing planting a second-generation church in another location.

More and more people are thankful Kojo didn’t stay afraid, but chose to be trained and step out in faith to reach them with the good news about Jesus.


*Name changed for security