Though nervous, a college student named Thomas decided to try and make a difference for Christ on his campus. Stepping out in faith, he saw God multiply his life more than he could have expected. “Multiply our lives” is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.

When a small group of people live extraordinary lives that others imitate, they change the world. This is true of social movements throughout history; most notably, we see this with Jesus and His 12 disciples.

On a U.S. campus, a small group of Christ-following students has made a real, measurable impact both within and beyond the scope of the spiritual community they participate in.

For example, meet Thomas. He’s someone who has never met a stranger. Last spring he decided to join a “Greek” fraternity — the ΣAE House (Sigma Alpha Epsilon), a fraternity that was previously banned for “repetitive and severe” violations, including hazing.

As part of his initiation, Thomas had to interview some of the guys who were already members. But Thomas didn’t just want to be a member; he wanted to make a difference. So in the interview, he included the question: “If I hosted a Bible study, would you be interested in attending?” To his complete shock, 12 of the 14 guys he interviewed said, “Yes”!

During one of his first Bible studies, Thomas nervously facilitated a conversation about the gospel. He closed the time by reading a sample prayer to know God personally. He invited the guys in the group to pray that prayer for themselves — if it was what they wanted — and four of the eight guys did.

Later in the semester, Thomas came home to a completely empty ΣAE House. (The rest of the fraternity was at a Greek function.) Thomas found himself praying for the guys in the house. As he prayed, he felt prompted to hold a worship night. The following Wednesday, Thomas talked with a friend of a friend in a different Greek house; he wanted to do the same. Three weeks later, almost 70 Greek students gathered for worship.

During the worship night, Thomas urged those who attended to get connected with a faith community, saying that there’s no time to waste being a light for others. After reflecting on the semester, Thomas commented, “I’ve never found a more fruitful harvest than the Greek system, and I have never had more fun in ministry.”

~ Aaron Emerson