Furaha* couldn’t shake the feeling that she had to go to a nearby African country, a country 99% dominated by an aggressive religion. “Multiply my life,” one of the prayer points of Pray2020, is the prayer of Furaha’s life.

Involved with Cru in college and then a Cru staff member, Furaha had been leading the student work in her country for 13 years. She knew from past experience that God would open the door, even in a country as forbidding as the one He had put on her heart. It caused her great anguish that students there were without an opportunity to hear the good news.

So she stepped out in faith and contacted pastors the ministry had been working with in that country.

“I’d like to visit students on campus…”  

“No, no, no…too risky…we have never gone to students…it is illegal to try to convert people to Christianity…no, no, no…”

She couldn’t shake her passion, so she went anyway.

On Sunday, the day after she arrived, Furaha went to church. She stood during the service to bring greetings from her congregation back home, mentioning that she works with college students and would be glad to meet with students after the service. Three students came to meet her.

After the second service, seven more came. Furaha met with the students that afternoon at the church. She shared her vision to reach students with the gospel and asked if she could show them the “JESUS” film®.

Furaha met with them again that day and challenged them to share what they had learned with other students. They were scared and didn’t want to offend anyone. So she offered them three downloads for their phones:

On Monday, they all met off-campus at noon, while other students were at the mosque. Shia*, one of the girls, told this story:

Last night, my roommate Malaika* came into our dorm room and picked up my phone – as usual – to see if there were any new videos to watch. I had left it on the bed on purpose, hoping…

“Where did you get this video? This is what I have been looking for!!!”

“You can come with me tomorrow and learn more…”

“So there she was, covered from head to toe with only her eyes showing through tiny slits of her burka, sitting right there with us,” exclaimed Furaha.  “I took her aside in order to share the gospel with her privately and asked if she wanted to receive Christ.”


“So for the rest of the week, we continued follow-up with all the girls, daily adding to our number. There were 26 students in our group by the end of the week!

“Before leaving for home, I challenged them to go to students they knew on other campuses. So now, two years later, we have movements on four campuses, with 38 students involved!

“As we do not have staff members in this country, discipling these students presented some unique challenges and solutions. We set it up so they are each part of a discipleship small group and are also involved in a local church. For personal discipleship, we have been meeting with them through WhatsApp calls and using Bible passages and Cru discipleship materials uploaded on their phones. Appointments are weekly, usually 35 minutes to an hour, depending on how many questions each student has.

“Four weeks ago, I went again because some will graduate this year. I wanted to encourage them to continue going to campus or stay involved in ministry, as well as make sure they are still sharing their faith. I also wanted to show them how to use the Jesus Film app on their phones, as it seems to be the most useful in sharing the gospel.

“It is amazing to see what God has done in these last two years! And an extra bonus is that those same pastors who said, ‘no, no, no!!!’ are now helping us any way they can because many doors have opened for them through these students.”

  • from an interview with Furaha* by Eva Mergl


*names changed for security