Tongan gospel workers Soi and Fataki Finau have served in Fiji and now in Samoa. Their background in family and campus ministry prepared Soi for an unexpectedly large ministry this year — of winning, building and sending online. “Mobilize others through me” is one of the prayer points of Pray2020.

A Facebook Live sermon went viral on Good Friday when 10,000 Tongans tuned in to hear the good news of Christ preached by Tongan campus staff member Soi Finau in Samoa. What started as a simple way to minister to the local Tongan church in Samoa during lockdown ended up reaching Tongans around the world. 

Soi finished his sermon with a prayer for people to invite Christ into their lives, and 200 people messaged that they had accepted Christ. He began Bible studies twice a week to teach new believers how to follow Jesus. 

Soi also challenged those listening to join him in 40 days of prayer and a 21-day “Daniel Fast,” as described in Daniel 1. Nearly a thousand people participated. Some called Soi at all hours of the day, weeping over how God was working in their lives. 

Some callers told him the fast had not only helped their spiritual and family lives, but their physical lives as well, as painful diseases simply disappeared during the fast! Because of the power they experienced during the Daniel Fast, listeners wanted a round two. After prayer and consideration, Soi announced there would be another fast beginning June 10. 

The biggest response to Soi’s messages has been from husbands and fathers, particularly after a sermon on the Prodigal Son on May 17, Tongan Father’s Day. People called from all over the globe sharing their struggles with marriage and family. Soi challenged them to raise godly families. Some listeners have reported beginning to read their Bibles and apply it in their daily interaction at home, as well as having family devotions. Families are being restored.

Soi has been surprised by the stories he has heard and said, “Sometimes we underestimate what people face in their lives, but hearing about it made me realize how many families are struggling in the same position.” It has become his burden to help them find the solution to their struggles. 

Soi previously had avoided recording videos and going live, preferring to write daily devotions for his online ministry. Now he will continue doing follow-up Bible studies and sermons. He hopes to hold an online discussion panel for family matters and to train his listeners in how to share their faith. God used Soi’s witness to spark a spiritual movement.

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