Followers of Jesus are an often persecuted minority in Tia’s Southeast Asian country, but God is opening doors for Tia* and her team to reach many children with a vision for prayer. “Multiply our lives” is a prayer point of Pray2020.

Alice singing the Prayer Covenant song

Tia was excited when she learned about the Prayer Covenant for Children in 2019. An experienced gospel worker, she quickly translated the colorful materials and began contacting schools, churches, orphanages, families and children’s ministry institutions about using them. Ten schools, an orphanage, and 36 churches have become involved.

“They were enthusiastic about adopting this material, with themes like grace, love and compassion,” Tia said. “We praise God that this simple step can help children develop empathy for friends and others through their prayers in the midst of today’s challenges and being influenced by the media.”

Annie*, a headmaster of one of the schools, agreed. “I am grateful to God for being able to meet Tia and her team. Week after week we could see the changes that had occurred in the students, in which they were more concerned with their friends, willing to pray for their friends, teachers and parents,” she said.

“Every day I pray for my father, mother, sister, grandfather and grandmother and do not forget to pray for the country, and I also pray for people who are infected with Covid 19,” said Rita*, age 8. 

During the pandemic, Tia and her team have met online with the children, even holding a national online prayer rally for them in October. The prayer rally was in support of an impoverished area of their country, where an outreach would take place this month.

“I long to see this children’s ministry continue to grow,” Tia commented, “so that many children in my country grow in their knowledge of God and are rooted in prayer. I hope that through this ministry many children will become intercessors. If children are reached, then parents and teachers and many others will also be reached.” 

Prayer Covenant in the Philippines

Children in the Philippines are also learning to pray, forgive and reach out to others through the Prayer Covenant materials. After recent typhoons, some of the children applied their lesson on compassion as they gathered food, towels and other supplies for those suffering from the devastation (below). A contact provided free transport of the relief goods and prayer materials to affected areas.

The Prayer Covenant program is helping children throughout Southeast Asia hear about Jesus and come to Him in prayer. As part of her work to mobilize prayer for Southeast Asia, gospel worker Carol Magno leads the Prayer Covenant effort. “Our vision is that we would have 1,000 disciplers in every country, each having 50 children in their discipleship chain,” she said. 

Translation of the materials is nearly done for three Filipino languages and four other translations are underway for other Southeast Asian countries.

“Let the little children come to Me, and do not try to stop them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these” (Luke 18:16).

*Name changed for security.
Photos and video from the Philippines