What Do You Do When God Tries to Get Your Attention?

  The faces of my four grandsons bring delight to my life. My most treasured memories are their infant faces recognizing me for the very first time. Their faces expressed their joy as their bodies wriggled and squirmed their “hellos.”  Those memories are indescribable. When they first see me now, a few years later, their […]

The Day the Seashell Spoke

  I sat there discouraged as I stared out at the ocean waves, not motivated to take the next step. Little did I know the Lord was about to make this one of my most fruitful beach evangelism days ever! For a long time, I have had a burden to reach out to tourists who […]

It Started with the Smell of Borscht

  I get in the taxi, and before I can close the door properly, the driver says: “I want to ask you something, but do not be upset.” “Of course,” I answer curiously. “Did you eat borscht (traditional Ukrainian beet soup)?” “No, I did not,” I say, trying to figure out why he would ask […]

The Value of Simple Obedience

  Early last year, I inadvertently learned of some unsettling, sad news:  A woman I’d met once and long admired had reached the end of her battle with cancer and was moving into hospice that weekend. She would leave behind her husband and their six children, all of whom had been adopted. I read this […]

“I Have but One Passion”

  A 27-year-old nobleman from Saxony (in present-day Germany), Nicholaus von Zinzendorf was the key figure in a spiritual revival in 1727. Early in life he chose as his motto: “I have but one passion – it is Jesus, Jesus only.” At age 16 he had formed seven praying societies at college. Count Zinzendorf’s love […]

What to Put On and Off

    When I was a child growing up in New Zealand, my mother knit colorful sweaters for me. She used brightly-colored wool to create warm sweaters, which we call jumpers. Perhaps not the greatest fashion statement as I got older, but in many photos, I’m wearing one! I believe there are three main types […]

“Poor Me”?

    Trials are inevitable, Jesus warned us. “In this world you will have tribulation” (John 16:33). We feel the burdens and struggles of this life, but as a friend challenged me to remember: when we are tempted to say, “Poor me,” instead say, “Pour me, Lord!” Rather than giving way to self-pity, let us […]

Wells for Life in Tanzania

      In the early morning hours, having risked hyena attacks and rape in order to reach the river, young girls and women kneel at the river’s edge. They fill their buckets with dirty water for drinking, cooking, and bathing — water that will plague the people with parasite-borne illnesses. Near other villages in […]