Reaching a Nation, Village by Village

  Maung came to know Christ in 2000 through the “JESUS” film. Though it is not easy, he has faithfully served the Lord with a church-planting movement, Global Church Movements, since then. Followers of Jesus in his country are prohibited from openly sharing their faith by the major religion. But Maung and his team go […]

From Fear to Multiplication in Africa

  The trainees entered their classroom for the week. Some felt confident, but many were hesitant, unsure of what this training would hold.  “I was afraid of evangelism,” said Kojo, one of the trainees. “I was not excited about church planting at all.”  By the end of the second day, Kojo wanted to go plant […]

It Started with the Smell of Borscht

  I get in the taxi, and before I can close the door properly, the driver says: “I want to ask you something, but do not be upset.” “Of course,” I answer curiously. “Did you eat borscht (traditional Ukrainian beet soup)?” “No, I did not,” I say, trying to figure out why he would ask […]

The Value of Simple Obedience

  Early last year, I inadvertently learned of some unsettling, sad news:  A woman I’d met once and long admired had reached the end of her battle with cancer and was moving into hospice that weekend. She would leave behind her husband and their six children, all of whom had been adopted. I read this […]

A Fisherman Begins to Fish for Men

  Arbogast Henga was born on an island in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. A fisherman like his father and grandfather before him, Arbogast practiced witchcraft and took traditional medicine, believing these things would help him catch fish. When fish became scarce in 2011, Arbogast, age 47, traveled to a nearby district known for witch doctors, looking […]

He Gave Me His Name

  Diana looked up at me from behind her veil, the long garment covering her clothes swaying in the light breeze: “I was born into my religion, my family, my culture, but now I can call myself a Christian, because Christ gave me His name.” During “Global Student Launch Week,” our team was searching for […]