The Value of Simple Obedience

  Early last year, I inadvertently learned of some unsettling, sad news:  A woman I’d met once and long admired had reached the end of her battle with cancer and was moving into hospice that weekend. She would leave behind her husband and their six children, all of whom had been adopted. I read this […]

A Fisherman Begins to Fish for Men

  Arbogast Henga was born on an island in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. A fisherman like his father and grandfather before him, Arbogast practiced witchcraft and took traditional medicine, believing these things would help him catch fish. When fish became scarce in 2011, Arbogast, age 47, traveled to a nearby district known for witch doctors, looking […]

He Gave Me His Name

  Diana looked up at me from behind her veil, the long garment covering her clothes swaying in the light breeze: “I was born into my religion, my family, my culture, but now I can call myself a Christian, because Christ gave me His name.” During “Global Student Launch Week,” our team was searching for […]

Beyond Tradition

  They met with a dream: to equip the Church in Egypt to reach the lost by going beyond cultural norms of big, traditional church services. It was 2016. The 21 pastors planned to start with the Global Church Movements training, MC2 (Multiplying Churches and faith Communities). MC2 is designed to help establish biblical, missional, […]

“I Have but One Passion”

  A 27-year-old nobleman from Saxony (in present-day Germany), Nicholaus von Zinzendorf was the key figure in a spiritual revival in 1727. Early in life he chose as his motto: “I have but one passion – it is Jesus, Jesus only.” At age 16 he had formed seven praying societies at college. Count Zinzendorf’s love […]